A city where people like to live
This spherical globe is especially suited to clustering and melds beautifully with modern, or, traditional surroundings.


The main street with sidewalk in Chicago,
requiring comfortable lighting environment for driving
and people walking by the side. 
                                                    Parameter: 500mm ball light, stripe cover, 50W, 3000K

Street in HongKong.
In HongKong, the goverment requires for good quality
and low maintenance cost street light.
HongKong is the famous tourism city thus the street lights should be a part of decoration.

Street in Latvia.
Suspened φ500 globe light, installed in 6meter pole.
CCT: 4000K, 60W
Pole distance 12M

Street in Malaysia
Supporting tpye globe light. IP65 and with superior lighting efficacy.
No cover fall off since our ball light is integrated design from the head to bottom.