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Create Chinese lamp with ingenuity

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Author : Ken
Update time : 2022-03-16 14:42:39
Create Chinese lamp with ingenuity
Jinsheng lighting has always been unique in the outdoor lighting industry. Especially in the subdivided field of Huadeng, Jinsheng lighting has devoted all its efforts to study Huadeng culture, modeling structure, scientific light distribution, process technology, material formula, performance and quality, and gradually polished the technical scheme of "light cutting large polarization integrated intelligent LED spherical lamp" step by step. Trekking through the difficult journey of "withstanding the loneliness of R & D and the temptation of the market", repeatedly tested and challenged the technical scheme, took up the word "ingenuity" with practical actions, and created word-of-mouth products with the process thinking of "intelligent manufacturing".
Jinsheng lighting brews ingenious lanterns with Chinese culture, captures the soul of China and adheres to the classics of lanterns. This is also part of the understanding of Jinsheng's "doing only one thing in ten years and building Zhonghua lamp with ingenuity". I hope people with lofty ideals in the industry will join Jinsheng lighting's team to guard Huadeng and jointly build Huadeng brand and shoulder the industry mission!

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